Ilustrador publicitario storyboardista en Barcelona, España

Artista visual, pintor artístico, figurativo y contemporáneo

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Ilustración de Storyboard con Procreate.
Un curso de Davis Lisboa, storyboard artist en Domestika.

Aprende las técnicas para crear un storyboard profesional para producciones audiovisuales. Todo proyecto audiovisual interesante nace de una buena idea, ya sea un comercial, una película, una animación o un video para redes sociales. El trabajo del storyboard artist Davis Lisboa consiste precisamente en transformar las líneas invisibles de la imaginación en realidad, creando imágenes llenas de forma y color. En este curso, Davis te enseñará cómo crear un storyboard profesional paso a paso, desde la interpretación creativa de un guion hasta la realización del contorno y color de tu dibujo. Al final, tendrás todos los conocimientos necesarios para contar visualmente una historia y sorprender a todos tus clientes. Aprende a tu ritmo y desde donde quieras, sin horarios ni entregas. Descubre las técnicas de los expertos del sector creativo a través de vídeos de máxima calidad con acceso ilimitado. Interactúa con otros alumnos y el profesor del curso. Comparte y aprende lo que te apasiona.

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Storyboard illustration with Procreate.
A course by Davis Lisboa, storyboard artist on Domestika.

Learn the techniques to create a professional storyboard for audiovisual productions. Every interesting audiovisual project is born from a good idea, be it a commercial, a film, an animation or a video for social networks. The storyboard artist Davis Lisboa's work consists precisely in transforming the invisible lines of the imagination into reality, creating images full of shape and color. In this course, Davis will teach you how to create a professional storyboard step by step, from the creative interpretation of a script to the realization of the outline and color of your drawing. In the end, you will have all the necessary knowledge to visually tell a story and surprise all your customers. Learn at your own pace and from wherever you want, without schedules or deliveries. Discover the techniques of the experts in the creative sector through the highest quality videos with unlimited access. Interact with other students and the course teacher. Share and learn what you are passionate about.

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"I did the Davis Lisboa's course at Domestika and I really liked it! His interest for the students is genuine, the course is very well structured and the examples of his artistic influences are inspiring. I am delighted with the clarity that you have explained all the technical aspects, without haste and with detailed examples. I recommend his course Storyboard Illustration with Procreate on Domestika!"
L.F., Curitiba, Brazil

"I really liked this course!"
D. A. O., Cruz Bay, Virgin Islands, United States

"Evaluated Davis Lisboa's course: Storyboard illustration with Procreate. Positive rating: Excellent course. Great content!"
L. F., Curitiba, Brazil

"Thank you very much Davis! It is made more like an advertising storyboard because it tries to convince the client (producers) to buy the idea with the most representative and suggestive scenes.
Your vision of the storyboard is very interesting and I'm learning a lot from your industry "insider" information. It's great."
M.L.N., Seville, Spain

"Congratulations on the course! I loved it! I thought it was cool for you to talk about the mood board as well. I think it is important for students to know that a good storyboard needs good research and inspiration to carry it out. I missed you talking about the Rule of 180… but for storyboard it's not even necessary. I thought you needed to talk a little more about shooting board. I liked it because you were very didactic. The course is excelent!"
G.L., São Paulo, Brazil.

"Hi Davis, the link to download the PDF of your Influences is broken or does not work. Hopefully they can fix it soon. I am loving your course!"
J.R.N., Mexico City, Mexico